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Horse Inlay Traditional Halter

Horse Inlay Traditional Halter

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 Treat your beloved horse to their very own custom designed halter!  

Choose from hundreds of color and pattern combos printed right here in the USA in clear, vibrant colors.  Options include adjustable nose, snap at throat & breakaway tabs.

Our patterns are a thick halter material -  not ribbon - and thus have a clean professional air to them.

Average horse size fits a wide variety from large pony studs to draft crosses.  These luxurious halters made perfect gifts.  Check back often as we switch up the pattern selections.

Made to order in the USA.


To Order:

  1. Choose your solid color and size from the drop down list and put it in your cart.
  2. Choose an inlay pattern. 
  3. Go back to your cart. 
  4. During checkout you will see "order special instructions".  Please let us know what number and what width if applicable (some patterns come in 3/4" or 1" which is noted on the actual pattern).
  5. ALL HALTERS come with an adjustable nose, snap at throat and no breakaway. To add a non-adjustable nose, no snap at throat or breakaway tab list these here as well.
  6. We apologize for this convoluted ordering system - but trust us it's easier than 9 billion drop down boxes.  
  7. Or just send us an email and we can take care of this confusing ordering part!

    We get it, not all colors show up in their true hue on computer or phone screens.  If we think something clashes we will email you.  If you want pictures of your favorite inlays with some solid color choices just ask!


    Key Features:

    • Luxurious Patterns: Our patterns are not cheap ribbon; they are high-quality prints sublimated on a polyester halter material, then expertly sewn onto our super-strong nylon halter material. In other words - it's fancy schmancy.

    • Color and Pattern Customization: Choose your own color and pattern combination to reflect your horses unique personality. Our options include: snap at the throat, adjustable nose, and a breakaway tab. Visit our Etsy store for color combo ideas!

    • Durable Construction: This halter is 1" wide, features nickel (silver color) shiny hardware, and all material is doubled for strength. Every end point is box-stitched for durability and beauty.  


    Inlay Options:

    • Choose inlay patterns in 1” or 3/4” (the 3/4” will show 1/8” of the solid color border).
    • We're happy to send you pictures of your favorite patterns with our suggested solid color pairings. If we think something clashes, we'll contact you.



    Average Horse: Ideal for most horses.  See our pics of the same halter on a large pony stud and a draft cross.


    Shipping Information:

    Please allow 7-10 days for shipping, as each halter is custom-made with attention to detail and care.


    Traditional Option:

    If you prefer a more robust halter explore our "traditional" options with triple stitched cheeks in solid colors or patterns. 

    Embrace elegance and individuality with our Custom-Designed Halter, where each piece is a work of art tailored to your equines unique style. Order now to elevate your companion's wardrobe and make a statement with every outing.


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