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ABOUT Halter All


Halter All has been making halters in the USA for decades!  We insist on American made materials and partner with dozens of different American suppliers to bring you the best halter on the market.  Do we cost a bit more … well yes … but rest assured you are purchasing a well thought out design tested across multiple disciplines with top trainers and breeders using the highest quality materials available.  You can’t beat that.  

We give back to our community by supporting 4-H, mentoring kids, training therapy horses and donating halters to police departments.

Kristy's background:

Kristy grew up on a farm that bred quarter horses for cutting and western pleasure and also raised beef cattle.  Off to college to run barrels in Stephenville, TX and breakaway roping for fun ... as she can’t rope the side of a barn.  Transfering to the esteemed Colorado State University Equine program she nixed vet school due to a weak stomach and instead showed and trained dressage horses for decades with the best of the best.  Injuries forced her off a horse and into a carriage to show giant CDE horses to tiny Miniatures racking up numerous National and World driving titles … and then blowing off her back surgeon to get back on a horse for more dressage and extreme cowboy obstacle fun. Along the way there was Boer goat trick training and obstacle sheep dabbling.  Even fish trained to leap through hoops.  All she talks about are 4 legged critters and inventing halters, driving her city husband to insanity.  Employees include random dumped Chihuahuas, a neurotic Heeler and her sidekick K9 flunky who prefers to herd wayward beetles back to the garden instead of taking down criminals, a 45 yr old sushi eating turtle and an assortment of equines one just can’t make up - such as a litter box trained passaging and piaffing mini and an upper level dressage former Amish plow horse auction find Shetland/Belgian who midnights as a hitman, or so we think, we give the 1200lb Shetland a wide berth.  Key words here are 1200lb SHETLAND.  Rounding out the crew is a 14 yr old barn cat we found as a 4 week old kitten in a dumpster during a -10F blizzard who has no problem taking down huge coyotes to protect his beloved pear tree.  Point being Kristy has been in the horse world since birth in multiple disciplines, is adaptable, knows her critters and really tries to produce what her various customers want.