Sizing FAQ's

 How should I measure for the Figure 8 Halters?

  • Use a soft tape measure (or string you measure later).
  • Place it behind both ears.
  • Hold the end where a halter buckle would be in steady in place.
  • Take the outside string (on the other side of the animal) under the throat latch towards you.
  • Then away from you back over the top of the nose (for alpacas stay up high on the nose so you don't impede breathing, for other animals place it below the cheekbone - where a regular halter or an English bridle noseband would lay).
  • Back under the chin towards you to make an X under the center-ish of the head.  You have just made this exact halter (minus the cheeks) with a string.  
  • *ADD A FEW INCHES for wiggle room to allow for chewing (more for larger animals).



How do I adjust a Halter All (All-In-One) Halter and Lead?

  • While these halters are infinitely adjustable ... we recommend buying the one closest to your animals size to keep your lead rope approximately 7' after your custom adjustments.  While the same halter will fit your Beagle and your Clydesdale ... one of them is going to have a wonky sized leadrope. 
  • Want a longer leadrope? Just order the next size up and ask us to tie it one size down, not a problem.   For a small fee (to cover materials) we can make your lead rope super long!
  • Infinitely adjustable.  Your Beagle and your Clydesdale can technically wear the same halter (although the lead rope length will be off for one of them)
  • To adjust the nose - adjust the knot.  Try to keep the folded edge of the halter pointed towards the animals ears, which might require some twisting just before the knot. 
  • To adjust the crown - slide through the D rings on the off (right) side of the animal. 
  • To adjust the chin - run the end through the 2 O rings where your noseband knot is.  
  • We do not recommend tying with this particular halter since the chin does slide.



How do I measure for a Traditional style halter?

  • Easiest way is to measure a halter you already have.  If you don't have one that fits well you can add/subtract as needed.  
  • Do not include metal hardware/rings in your measurements.  
  • We can punch more holes in crowns and adjustable chins.
  • See the size chart for specific places to measure.
  • Want more sizes?  Let us know!  It takes a village to get the sizing just right but we are happy to tackle more sizes if there is a need!



I have a water buffalo / yak / camel / reindeer / mini cow.  Do you have a halter?

  • Yes!  We have outfitted all the above. 
  • The Halter All (All-In-One) halter works great for the more unique headed creatures as it's infinitely adjustable and the chin opens wide so it's possible to slide over smaller antlers and horns.  For larger antlers or horns sometimes the Figure 8 will work.  See our measuring instructions above.



I have a head shy animal - which halter is best?

  • Our Halter All (All-In-One) halter is PERFECT for head shy animals.
  • No need to get close to the animal to buckle or tie anything, and no annoying snap to bang their chins.
  • Eyeball the size (close enough counts)
  • Open the chin SUPER wide to casually fling/bribe the halter in place from afar
  • Once the halter is in place simply pull the lead to "capture" the head with very little drama.  Our weighted material means the chin will not slide around or gape open very easy. 
  • A very rescue sanctuary friendly halter