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Halter All

Horse Halter All Adjustable Combo w/ Lead, Large, Solid Colors

Horse Halter All Adjustable Combo w/ Lead, Large, Solid Colors

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Our convenient All-in-One Halter & Lead Rope was designed by professionals and has been a proven top seller for decades. This halter & lead combo is perfect for the entire barn. Great for catching in the field, halter training, showing, over/under bridles and more. Offering quick custom adjustments, easy handling, and versatility for a variety of situations.

Simply slide chin open, place over ears and pull chin closed.  Easy. 

Chin does not droop open with normal use.  However if you wish to secure the chin a bit more you can run the end back through the O rings.  Directions included with purchase.

Adjust crown by sliding through D rings.  Adjust nose by reworking knot.  Easy.

Made in the USA!


Key Features:

  1. One Halter for All: Designed to fit a range of animals, from horses and donkeys to goats and more. Versatility meets simplicity.
  2. Endless Fast Adjustments: Quick adjustments without the hassle of buckles or tying plus no snaps to bang chins. Easily customizable for a perfect fit.
  3. Quick Slip-On Design: Slip over the head and go! No fuss, no drama—just a secure and quick fit.
  4. Compact and Lightweight: Fits in your pocket for on-the-go convenience. Lightweight for easy handling.
  5. 7’ Lead Rope: Average lead rope length (actual length depends on your custom adjustments, please order the appropriate size to start with).
  6. Not Recommended for Tying: While versatile, this halter is not recommended for tying purposes.

How to Use:

  • Simply open the chin, slide over the ears, and pull the lead closed. Perfect for quick and drama-free application, especially for head shy horses.

To Measure:

  • Choose the size loosely based on the following (Extra Small for mini foals, Small for minis, Medium for shetlands). No need to measure; we size them to fit most, allowing you to make final adjustments at home for a custom fit. Lead rope length is roughly 6-7' depending on your additional adjustments.


  • High-quality soft yet sturdy doubled nylon 
  • Halter is 1/2" wide with a 1" wide loop handle on the lead rope.


  • Adjust the nose by retying the knot. Adjust the crown at the D rings. Order the appropriate size to keep your lead rope roughly 7’ long.

Common Uses:

  • Barn: Bring everyone in from the field with one halter.
  • Training: Quick pressure release for halter training.
  • Halter & Liberty Classes: Legal for the show ring in most registries; a must-have for liberty classes - save precious seconds!
  • CDE Spares Kit - catch ANY size horse quickly right over the bridle
  • Nervous Horses: Slip over bridle/driving bridle for an extra hand on the ground to lead.
  • Riding: Low profile for under/over bridles.
  • Rescues: Quick and stress-free haltering without getting up close.
  • Emergency: A must-have in every glove box, emergency kit, saddle bag, and coat pocket.
  • Gift: Ideal for vets, farriers, law enforcement, animal control, firemen, or anyone dealing with loose animals.
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