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Donkey Figure 8 Halter, Sizes XXS, XS, S, Solid Colors

Donkey Figure 8 Halter, Sizes XXS, XS, S, Solid Colors

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 Our Brand New Design is the ultimate in donkey halters! Crafted with pride in the USA, this halter is designed to keep halter cheeks out of eyes, reduce sliding, and fit a wide variety of donkeys.  Great for Burro Races! 

Add a breakaway tab at no extra cost!

Key Features:

  1. Reduced Sliding: Specifically designed to reduce sliding on the head, keeping cheeks comfortably away from the eyes for a secure fit.
  2. Easy to Put On: Maintains its shape, ensuring easy application even on wiggly donkeys, making your handling experience a breeze.
  3. Stabilized Lead Rope Ring: The lead rope ring stays towards the bottom of the chin, promoting stability even when pressure is applied upward to the lead.
  4. Great for Burro Races: Ideal for burro races, as the halter stays put and won't rotate around, providing reliability during fast-paced activities.


  • Width: Available in 3/4" for XS and S sizes, and 1" for M, L, and upcoming XL sizes.
  • Material: Heavy duty nylon doubled and boxed stitched at every end point for strength.

How to Measure:

Follow our simple measuring guide using a soft tape measure or string for a perfect fit. Leave a few fingers of wiggle room for chewing, and our adjustable design accommodates many donkeys (keep in mind winter coats may go up a hole or so in the crown).  

Sizing Guide:

  • XXS (Yearling Mini)
  • XS (Ave Mini): adult miniature donkeys.
  • S (Lg Mini/Yearling Standard): large minis, yearling standards to petite jenny 2 yr olds.
  • M (Small Standard): smaller standard-sized donkeys.
  • L (Ave Standard): average standard donkeys.
  • XL (Lg Standard): huge donkeys, mammoths.

To measure: standing on donkeys left side - soft tape measure (or string you measure later) behind both ears, hold one end still where buckle would be, bring outside string under head towards you, then away from you over the top of the nose and back under chin towards you to make an X under the chin, then meet the other end of the string near ears where a buckle would be.  Leave a few fingers of wiggle room for chewing.  Bigger the donkey the more fingers - you want some room for chewing.  You are essentially making this halter with a string minus the cheeks. Cheeks measured end to end.  Crown measured over head ring to ring.  Top of nose measured between cheeks over the bridge of nose. 

Clear as Mud?

See our pictures and video or ask us for help! We're here to ensure you find the perfect fit for your long-eared friend.

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Excellent product and great customer service at fair price.
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