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Donkey Halter Traditional, M, L, Patterns

Donkey Halter Traditional, M, L, Patterns

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Our Donkey Halter is made just for donkeys - from micro minis to large standards! Crafted with pride in the USA, this halter offers many custom options in a beautiful high end halter!

Add a breakaway tab at no extra cost!

 Key Features:

  1. Made for Donkeys: This is not a repurposed horse halter - this halter is sized specifically for donkeys!

  2. Luxurious Patterns: 1" high-quality soft yet sturdy patterns are sublimated on a polyester halter material meant for heavy duty use right here in the USA. 

  3. Durable Construction: Halter features nickel (silver color) shiny hardware. Our American material is tripled at the cheeks and doubled over everywhere else - then we box stitch at every end point for strength. We do not cut corners when it comes to durability.   



    We find that most donkeys halter size correlates to their height (unlike horses).

    • XS (Small Mini) 3/4" width: For the average mini under 34" including micos
    • S (Larger Mini) 3/4" width: Larger minis over 34"
    • M (Ave Standard) 1" width: Ideal for most standard donkeys.
    • L (Large Standard) 1" width: Designed for larger standard-sized donkeys.
    • Mules: Probably not a good fit. Please see our horse version of this halter for a better fit.


    Custom Options:

    • Standard halters come with a non-adjustable nose, no snap at throat and no breakaway tab.
    • To add an adjustable nose, snap at throat or breakaway tab please just let us know when ordering in "order notes" or email  No additional charge!
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