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Alpaca Halter Figure 8, Sizes S, M, L, Patterns

Alpaca Halter Figure 8, Sizes S, M, L, Patterns

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100% Made in the USA!

Designed by top alpaca breeders to stay up high on the nose - this halter will not slide down and impede breathing!  It's more than just a piece of equipment; it's a communication tool that ensures your alpaca receives the gentlest aids for an stress-free experience.

Add a breakaway tab at no extra cost!

Key Features:

  1. Whisper Quiet Design: Crafted with precision, this halter stays securely in place, providing clear communication without the need for harsh handling. Because we double and triple layer with high quality American nylon this halter retains it's shape and thus won't slide down the nose or collapse against the face, meaning your aids can be clearly heard by your alpaca.

  2. Figure 8 Style: The innovative figure 8 style ensures that the halter remains high on the face, never drooping down to impede breathing. Even during epic temper tantrums, this halter stays in position, offering reliability and safety.

  3. Eye-Friendly Rings and Buckles: Equipped with 1" small rings that stay out of the eyes and away from the alpaca's line of vision as well as small buckles to promote comfort and ease of movement.


  • Luxurious Patterns: 3/4" high-quality soft yet sturdy patterns are sublimated on a polyester halter material meant for heavy duty use.  
  • Construction: Cheeks tripled in material, the rest of the halter doubled for durability.  Every end point box stitched for strength!
  • Weather-Resistant: Waterproof and UV resistant for long-lasting use in various conditions.


  • Humane Handling: The Figure 8 Halter ensures humane handling, allowing for subtle aids and clear communication between the handler and the alpaca.
  • Will not Impede Breathing: When properly fitted (see our size chart) this halter is designed to stay high on the face, preventing obstruction of breathing, even during challenging situations.

How to Use:

Follow our simple measuring guide using a soft tape measure or string to ensure a perfect fit. Leave a few fingers of wiggle room for chewing, and our adjustable design accommodates variations in alpaca size.


Why Choose Alpaca Figure 8 Halter?

  • Designed by Experts: Crafted by top alpaca breeders, ensuring a halter tailored to the unique needs of alpacas.
  • Quality Materials: Made with high-quality nylon or polyester for durability and comfort.
  • Customization: Each halter is made to order by a woman-owned small business, using professional industrial machines.

Additional Information:

  • Made to Order: Support a woman-owned small business with over 12 years of expertise.
  • Sizing: Primarily selling mediums, with some larges and very few smalls. Refer to our pictures, video, or reach out for assistance with sizing.
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